'Australia Felix - Remains Of New Work' - an exhibition by Neil Cash

22nd AUG - 20 SEP - Gallery On Sturt, Ballarat

It's time to show some new work to the world. After months of early mornings and late nights, shooting and creating, the exhibition has finally come together and will be showing at Gallery On Sturt, as a part of the Ballarat International Foto Biennale 2015. It's always a pleasure to be a part of this event, and if it's accessible to you, is most certainly worth a visit.

Since my last exhibition here, we made the tree change to the country, and this was a huge inspiration for this series of works, predominantly shot in and around the Macedon Ranges and more specifically, the Black Hill reserve. And in January this year, amidst a hot and dry summer, a bushfire ripped through the reserve, dramatically altering the landscape I had grown accustomed to shooting. This work celebrates all of what I experienced in there, from the damp and misty winter mornings to the twig cracking heat and dryness the day before the bushfire, and the ash-laden greyness of its aftermath. 

Creatively, my style has evolved again and continues to flex the boundaries of what is traditionally considered to be photography. I also rediscovered colour. Something I had clearly avoided for many years. It's like being back at art college again. Now there'll no doubt be the usual questions and backlash of whether or not what I produce is photographic, but honestly, I don't care. I love this new work, I love this style and if all that's asked when viewing it, is whether or not it falls under the traditional rules of photography, then I have no answers. And no intention of finding any.

And as is always my advice, if you love it, buy it, and get to look at it every day for the rest of your life. The work comes alive in a bigger size and the more you look at it, the more new stories continue to develop. And if the financial timing isn't quite right, buy yourself a postcard, use it as a bookmark, stay in touch, and drop me a message or visit the online shop when it feels right. All the work is for sale through Gallery On Sturt for the duration of the exhibition, and the store section of my website will be live very soon. So if you feel inclined to support artists, at whatever level, we very much appreciate it. 

Personally, I will be at the Gallery on the weekend of 12/13th September. Come in and say hi. Bring strong black coffee and pastries. And tell me what you feel when you look at the work. Tell me the stories you see. This is the stuff I'm interested in. It's the good stuff. It's often what inspires me to create more.

So please share this with your friends and family, colleagues and acquaintances and help keep this fantastic festival alive and well. And if I miss you, please feel free to drop me a message, and share your thoughts on my new work. 

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